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Hi there! My name is Alison and I am 22 years old solo adult content creator and a writer. I started out in the adult industry in December of 2016 as a cam girl and later transitioned to making videos. So far I have only made solo content, but I do hope to collaborate with some fantastic people in the adult industry. In December of 2020 I also started offering phone sex on Niteflirt to build a more personal connection with my biggest fans.

Why do I make porn?

I have always been fascinated by human sexuality and different kinks. I love to learn about what people like and why these specific kinks make them tick. Besides that, I also love to learn more about my sexual turn ons and making porn provides me with a chance to do so. Being an adult content creator has provided me with a safe place to explore my sexuality and let others do the same.

I also am fascinated by filmmaking and, by making porn, I can also express myself creatively and show the viewers their favourite kinks through my lens.

From a shy girl next door to an amateur porn star

Do you ever wonder how I really got started?

Surprise, surprise - I was not born as this confident, sexy girl you seen on your screen today. At the beginning of my journey in amateur porn I was a shy 18-year-old who had only been with a one guy. As I started entertaining my naughty viewers online, I was exploring different kinks along the way and discovering more about my own sexuality. For example, at the beginning of my sexual discovery journey I did not consider myself a very kinky person. Of course, I liked ocassional spanking and having my nipples pinched, but I had no idea how many other things I would be into...

Dating as a porn star


Dating as a porn star has been quite far from a walk in the park. However, there have been some interesting moments along the way. For example, when I showed my partner at the time what kind of videos I make, I discovered that he is into watersports as well. Moments like these bring me a lot of joy because I love being there for someone as they explore their sexual interests in a safe place.

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